Program Cohorts

From its beginnings in 1982, the UCLA Library Senior Fellows Program has attracted the profession's best and brightest. Drawn from across the United States and Canada, the Program's participants are a rich and varied group, reflecting a broad range of academic library organizations and librarians.

Institutional affiliations and titles below were current as of the participants' acceptance into the Program.


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  • Consuella Askew
      Director, John Cotton Dana Library
      Rutgers University-Newark
  • Nathalie Cooke
      Associate Dean
      McGill University Library
  • Karen Diaz
      Interim Dean of Libraries
      West Virginia University
  • Melinda Reagor Flannery
      Assistant University Librarian for Technical Services
      Rice University
  • Tracy Gabridge
      Deputy Director
      Massachusetts Institute of Technology Libraries
  • Alan Grosenheider
      Acting University Librarian
      University of California, Santa Barbara
  • Athena Jackson
      Dorothy Foehr Huck Chair and Head, Eberly Family Special Collections Library
      Penn State University
  • Lee Keene
      Head of Instructional and Research Services
      Whitman College
  • Melissa Levine
      Lead Copyright Officer
      University of Michigan Library
  • Monica McCormick
      Associate University Librarian for Scholarly Publishing and Research
      University of Delaware
  • Rosalyn Metz
      Director, Library Technology and Digital Strategies
      Emory University
  • Trisha Mileham
      Director of Library Research Services
      Valparaiso University
  • Rebecca Richardson
      Assistant Dean for Collections and Access
      Purdue University
  • Timothy Shearer
      Associate University Librarian for Digital Strategies and IT
      University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
  • Jonathan Smith
      Director, Library Technology
      Sonoma State University
  • Catherine Soehner
      Associate Dean for Research and User Services
      University of Utah
  • Ruth Wallach
      Associate Dean for Public Services
      University of Southern California
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  • Aaron Addison
      Director, Scholarly Services
      Washington University in St. Louis
  • Mario Ascencio
      College Librarian and Managing Director
      Art Center College of Design
  • Dale Askey
      Associate University Librarian, Library & Learning Technologies
      Administrative Director, Lewis & Ruth Sherman Centre for Digital Scholarship
      McMaster University
  • Char Booth
      Associate Dean, University Library
      California State University, San Marcos
  • Kenneth J. Burhanna
      Provost Fellow and Assistant Dean for Engagement and Outreach
      Kent State University
  • Claudette Cloutier
      Associate University Librarian, Research and Learning Service
      University of Calgary
  • Jenifer Flaxbart
      Research and Liaison Services Librarian
      University of Texas at Austin
  • Scott Mandernack
      Associate Dean for Scholarly Resources and Collections
      Marquette University
  • Blynne Olivieri
      Head of Special Collections
      University of West Georgia
  • Carmelita N. Pickett
      Associate University Librarian for Collections & Scholarly Communications
      University of Iowa
  • Leslie J. Reynolds
      Senior Associate Dean of Libraries
      University of Colorado, Boulder
  • Jon Shaw
      Associate University Librarian and Director, Logistics and Access Services
      University of Pennsylvania
  • James T. Simon
      Vice President, Collections & Services
      Center for Research Libraries
  • Jennifer Taxman
      Associate Librarian for User Engagement & Technologies
      Dartmouth College
  • Susan Thomas
      Head of Archives & Modern Manuscripts
      University of Oxford
  • Scott Walter
      University Librarian
      DePaul University
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  • Kenning Arlitsch
      Dean of the Library
      Montana State University
  • Lisa R. Carter
      Associate Director for Special Collections and Area Studies
      The Ohio State University Libraries
  • Trevor A. Dawes
      Associate University Librarian
      Washington University in St. Louis
  • Tammy Nickelson Dearie
      Associate University Librarian, Enterprise Services
      University of California, San Diego
  • Honora Nerz Eskridge
      Director, Centennial Campus Research Services
      North Carolina State University
  • Todd Grappone
      Associate University Librarian for Digital Initiatives and Information Technology
      University of California, Los Angeles
  • J. Michael "Mike" Hunter
      Assistant University Librarian for Public Services
      Brigham Young University
  • Emily Lin
      Head, Digital Assets, UC Merced Library
      University of California, Merced
  • Michael Meth
      Director, OISE Library
      University of Toronto
  • Michael P. Olson
      Dean of Libraries
      Loyola University, New Orleans
  • Lauren Pressley
      Associate Director, Learning & Outreach
      Virginia Tech
  • David Seaman
      Associate Librarian for Information Management
      Dartmouth College
  • Shan Sutton
      Associate University Librarian for Research and Scholarly Communication
      Oregon State University
  • John Wenzler
      University Librarian
      California State University, East Bay
  • Elaine L. Westbrooks
      Associate University Librarian for Research
      University of Michigan
  • Eve Wider
      Head, Business Library
      University of Pittsburgh
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  • Catriona Cannon
      Associate Director, Collection Support, Bodleian Libraries
      Oxford University
  • Bradford Lee Eden
      Dean of Library Services
      Valparaiso University
  • George J. Fowler
      Associate University Librarian for Information Resources & Technology
      Old Dominion University
  • Scott Garrison
      Dean of the Ferris Library for Information, Technology, & Information
      Ferris State University
  • P. Toby Graham
      Deputy University Librarian
      University of Georgia
  • Catherine Hamer
      Associate Director for User Services
      University of Texas at Austin
  • Robyn Huff-Eibl
      Team Leader, Access & Information Services
      University of Arizona
  • Amy Kautzman
      Associate University Librarian
      University of California, Davis
  • Kevin Mulroy
      Associate University Librarian for Academic Services
      University of California, Los Angeles
  • Lisa Norberg
      Dean of the Barnard Library & Academic Information Services
      Barnard College, Columbia University
  • Jennifer Nutefall
      Associate University Librarian for Innovative User Services
      Oregon State University
  • Helen Reed
      Dean of University Libraries
      University of Northern Colorado
  • Juan Carlos Rodriguez
      Associate Dean, Technology & Information Services
      Grand Valley State University
  • Mary Beth Thompson
      Associate Dean for Collections & Technical Services
      University of Kentucky
  • Andrew White
      Interim Dean, University Libraries, and Director, Health Sciences Library
      Stony Brook University
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  • Diane Bisom
      Associate University Librarian, Information Technology and Systems
      University of California, Riverside
  • Michael Brewer
      Team Leader for Undergraduate Services
      University of Arizona Library
  • Faye Chadwell
      Associate University Librarian for Collections and Content Management
      Oregon State University Libraries
  • Kathleen De Long
      Associate University Librarian for Human Resources and Teaching/Learning
      University of Alberta
  • Theodore "Ted" Fons
      Director, WorldCat Global Metadata Network
  • Catherine Friedman
      Associate University Librarian/User Services
      University of California, San Diego
  • Michael Furlough
      Assistant Dean for Scholarly Communication and Co-Director, Office of Digital Scholarly Publishing
      Pennsylvania State University
  • Julie Garrison
      Associate Dean, Research and Instructional Services
      Grand Valley State University
  • Catherine Gerdes
      Director, Financial Planning & Administrative Services
      University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
  • Carol R. Hunter
      Associate Librarian for Public Services & Collections
      University of Virginia
  • Elizabeth E. Kirk
      Associate Librarian for Information Resources
      Dartmouth College
  • Michele M. Reid
      Dean of Libraries
      North Dakota State University
  • Marianne Ryan
      Associate University Librarian for Public Services
      Northwestern University Library
  • Mark Stover
      Interim Associate Dean, Library and Information Access
      San Diego State University
  • Deborah J. Stansbury Sunday
      Associate University Librarian for Administrative Services
      University of California, Irvine
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  • Sue Baughman
  • Nigel Butterwick
  • Karen Calhoun
  • Jon Cawthorne
  • Judy Consales
  • Tabzeera Dosu
  • John A. Lehner
  • Laurel L. Minott
  • Lisa Moske
  • Jennifer F. Paustenbaugh
  • Laura Probst
  • Ellen Safley
  • Bradley Schaffner
  • Laura C. Wood
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  • Gordon J. Aamot
      Head, Arts, Architecture, and Business Libraries
      University of Washington
  • Bonnie Allen
      Associate University Librarian
      Oregon State University
  • Rosann Bazirjian
      University Librarian
      University of North Carolina - Greensboro
  • Wanda V. Dole
      Dean of University Libraries
      Washburn University
  • Maggie M. Farrell
      Dean of Libraries
      University of Wyoming
  • Dan C. Hazen
      Head, Collection Development Department
      Harvard College Library
  • Barbara S. Hutchinson
      Director, Arid Lands Information Center
      University of Arizona
  • Beth McNeil
      Associate Dean of Libraries
      University of Nebraska - Lincoln
  • Deborah A. Nolan
      Associate Director, Z. Smith Reynolds Library
      Wake Forest University
  • Barbara G. Preece
      Executive Director
      Boston Library Consortium
  • Mark S. Roosa
      Dean of Libraries
      Pepperdine University
  • Carlen M. Ruschoff
      Director of Technical Services, McKeldin Library
      University of Maryland, College Park
  • Dr. Mary M. Somerville
      Assistant Dean, Robert E. Kennedy Library
      California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo
  • Lee C. Van Orsedel
      Dean of Libraries
      Eastern Kentucky University
  • Suzanne T. Weiner
      Head, Collection Management
      North Carolina State University
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  • James K. Bracken
      Assistant Director, Main Library Research and Reference Services
      The Ohio State University
  • Virginia Danielson
      Richard F. French Librarian
      Harvard University
  • Amy Dykeman
      University Librarian
      University of North Carolina at Charlotte
  • Lisa R. Janicke Hinchliffe
      Coordinator for Information Literacy Services and Instruction
      University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
  • Erika C. Linke
      Associate University Librarian for Collection & User Services
      Carnegie Mellon University
  • Sara Lowman
      Director of Fondren Library and Associate University Librarian
      Rice University
  • Catherine Murray-Rust
      Associate University Librarian
      Oregon State University
  • Don Panzera
      Chief, European/Latin American Acquisitions Division
      Library of Congress
  • Susan E. Parker
      Associate Dean, University Library
      California State University, Northridge
  • Patricia Promis
      Team Leader, Fine Arts/Humanities Team
      The University of Arizona Library
  • Deborah Turner
      Head of Access Services, McHenry Library
      University of California, Santa Cruz
  • Diane Parr Walker
      Associate University Librarian for User Services
      University of Virginia
  • Sarah Barbara Watstein
      Associate University Librarian for Public Services
      Virginia Commonwealth University
  • Frances C. "Fran" Wilkinson
      Deputy Dean of Library Services
      University of New Mexico
  • Julia Zimmerman
      Dean of Libraries
      Ohio University
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  • Larry Alford
  • Richard AmRhein
  • Cynthia Clark
  • C. Colleen Cook
  • Gay Dannelly
  • Carol Pitts Diedrichs
  • Phelix Hanible
  • Pat Hawthorne
  • Joyce Ogburn
  • James Rettig
  • Larry Sall
  • Mara Saule
  • Edward Shreeves
  • Karen Williams
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  • Karen Adams
      Director of Library Services
      University of Alberta
  • Adrian Alexander
      Executive Director
      Big 12 Plus Libraries Consortium
  • Chris D. Ferguson
      Executive Director, Public Services Core, Information Science Division
      University of Southern California
  • E. Christian Filstrup
      Associate Director for Collection Management, Organization, & Preservation
      North Carolina State University
  • Janet Fore
      Team Leader for Undergraduate Services
      University of Arizona
  • Richard Fyffe
      Head of Collections Services
      University of Connecticut
  • Jeffrey L. Horrell
      Associate Librarian of Harvard College for Collections
      Harvard University
  • Janice Koyama
      Associate University Librarian for Public Services
      University of California, Los Angeles
  • Bonnie MacEwan
      Assistant Dean for Collections
      The Pennsylvania State University
  • Cynthia Pawlek
      Director of User Services
      Dartmouth College Library
  • Merryll Penson
      Associate University Librarian
      University of Georgia Libraries
  • Gregg A. Silvis
      Assistant Director for Library Computing Systems
      University of Delaware Library
  • Charles W. Simpson
      Assistant Director of Libraries for Systems and Administration
      SUNY Stony Brook
  • Jane B. Treadwell
      Director, Collections & Technical Services
      Emory University General Libraries
  • Janice Welburn
      Director, Human Resources and Processing Services
      University of Iowa Libraries
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  • David S. Crawford
  • James Estrada
  • Rick B. Forsman
  • Katherine A. Fromberg
  • Dottie Hiebing
  • Carol Ann Hughes
  • Bernard J. Hurley
  • Maureen Pastine
  • Susan K. Phillips
  • Pamela T. Pollard
  • Ilene Rockman
  • Lynne M. Schmelz
  • Thomas L. Wilding
  • Betsy Wilson
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  • Camila Alire
  • Nicholas C. Burckel
  • Karyle S. Butcher
  • Kathryn "Kate" Carpenter
  • Lori A. Goetsch
  • Clifford H. Haka
  • Bonnie Juergens
  • Deborah C. Masters
  • Gillian M. McCombs
  • Brian E. C. Schottlaender
  • Louise S. Sherby
  • Pamela T. Snelson
  • Joyce King Thornton
  • Alberta C. Walker
  • Patricia A. Wand
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  • Margo Crist
  • Frank A. D'Andraia
  • David Farrell
  • Barbara J. Ford
  • Brinley Franklin
  • Joan L. Giesecke
  • Sheila Grant Johnson
  • Paul Kobulnicky
  • Susan A. Lee
  • Connie K. McCarthy
  • Sarah C. Michalak
  • Emma Bradford Perry
  • Beth Shapiro
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  • Noreen Alldredge
  • Shirley K. Baker
  • Sharon Bonk
  • Joseph J. Branin
  • Jennifer Cargill
  • William J. Crowe
  • Deborah Bloomfield Dancik
  • Lawrence Dowler
  • William Gray Potter
  • Dana C. Rooks
  • Michael T. Ryan
  • Gloriana St. Clair
  • Arthur P. Young
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  • Elaine Albright
  • Rachael Goldwyn Anderson
  • Alison Bunting
  • Mary Horres
  • Edward Johnson
  • Robert H. Patterson
  • Shelley Phipps
  • Marion T. Reid
  • Donald E. Riggs
  • Sherrie Schmidt
  • Helen H. Spalding
  • Richard Werking
  • Flo Wilson
  • Karin Wittenborg
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  • Nancy H. Allen
  • Caroline Coughlin
  • Nancy L. Eaton
  • Nancy E. Gwinn
  • Shirley Hallblade
  • Fred Heath
  • Ellen Hoffmann
  • Olive C. James
  • William Goodrich Jones
  • June Lester
  • Leslie Manning
  • Phyllis Mirsky
  • Danuta Nitecki
  • Susan Rosenblatt
  • Gloria Werner
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  • Carol F. Ahmad
  • Arnold Bellefontaine
  • Linda J. Cain
  • Keith M. Cottam
  • Sheila D. Creth
  • Hiram L. Davis
  • Ruth B. Gibbs
  • Charles B. Lowry
  • Charlene Mason
  • Thomas W. Shaughnessy
  • Mary Augusta Thomas
  • Barbara von Wahlde
  • Louella V. Wetherbee
  • James F. Williams, II
  • Anne Woodsworth
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  • Joseph Dagnese
  • Laurent Denis
  • Kaye Gapen
  • Dorothy Gregor
  • Frances Groen
  • Irene B. Hoadley
  • W. David Laird
  • Margot McBurney
  • Robert C. Miller
  • Paul H. Mosher
  • Ann E. Prentice
  • Frank Rodgers
  • Jordan Michael Scepanski
  • Richard J. Talbot
  • Clyde C. Walton
  • Howard D. White
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  • Millicent "Penny" Abell
  • Jean L. Aroeste
  • Joan L. Chamber
  • Richard Dionne
  • Clinton N. Howard
  • Marcia Jebb
  • Phillip E. Leinbach
  • Beverly P. Lynch
  • Pat Molholt
  • Ronald R. Powell
  • Ann K. Randall
  • Barbara J. Smith
  • Paul A. Willis
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